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How it Works


In this program Trident enters into a lease option agreement with you the owner of the property.  We then sub-lease the home out to a third party that is either a renter or a lease option tenant/buyer.  In the latter case this is known as a “sandwich option”.


The contract between you and Trident begins on the first day of the agreement between Trident and the occupant.  

Rental payments between you and us will be paid directly to you as normally expected.  This would mean rents are due on the first with a 5 day grace period.  


Other terms that would need to be established is the length of contract, the purchase price, and any options to renew after the date has expired.  Normally the time frame of the initial contract is 5 years.  This allows us time to place a tenant/buyer into the home and replace them if they do not exercise in their timeframe.  


While Trident is leasing out the home to a third party Trident will be responsible for vacancy periods of up to 1 month.  Any additional time that the unit may be vacant will simply delay the contract.  For example, after 2 years of occupancy a tenant moves out.  Their is a 3 month vacancy (unrealistic however we will use this as an example).  Trident pays the first month of vacancy.  The next 2 months are non-payment periods.  When after the home is occupied again then payments between Trident and the owner will recommence.  The two months layover will be added to the overall contract making the length of contract now 5 years and 2 months.  (This means you will get 60 months of payments.)


Trident can cancel the option agreement with the owner and will forfeit their option money as a result.  You’ll keep all of Trident’s option money if we fail to perform or cancel out of the deal.


Trident can also exercise the option (i.e., buy the home) at any time during the contract period or any of its extensions.   Owner is aware that this may result in a simultaneous close as Trident may also be selling the home to the third party individual.


Owner is also aware that Trident is attempting to make a profit on this deal.  This may be in sales price, monthly rentals or on the option payments made with the third party.  

Silver Program

No headaches of being a landlord.


Monthly cash flow.

Our History


Trident Investments has been in the investment industry since January 2002.  We have started working in Las Vegas in January 2004 (while investing in multiple states at that time).


In June 2004 Trident Investments started working on a lease option program to connect investors and buyers with challenged credit .  Many changes have had to occur to be where we are at today.  Through these changes we have learned quite a few things and have initialed many programs and new ideas.


Thus, you are getting involved with a company with quite a few years of experience and is growing into other markets with this concept.

You still get ownership rights for tax reasons.

All Marketing Program services are paid by us.

60 month (5+ year) agreement.

Benefits and Advantages to You


Since Trident Investments is entering into this contract to make a profit on a monthly basis we have every intention of keeping the home filled.  This results in a monthly cash flow to you without the need to do any form of being a landlord.


You get peace of mind that we are looking out for your best interests because it is also our best interest to keep the home occupied and cash flowing.  


We will be responsible for all repairs below $300.  A home warranty will also be put into place to ensure any large scale issues that come up are handled as well.  


We will enter into a 60 month (5 year) contract.  Thus, we guarantee 60 payments to you or we forfeit the entire option money we gave to you.


We also have the right to extend the contract, with your agreement, so that you may get further payments into the future.


If or when we exercise the option you will get a profit between the purchase price we have set with you and your original price.


We cover repairs for first $300.