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How it Works


This is the most hands off that you will ever be in real estate.  


In this program you are selling the home to us on an owner financing (a.k.a., seller financing).  


We agree upon terms of the loan.  This is usually on a 30 year amortization with a balloon payment somewhere between 5 to 10 years.  Interest rates and down payment are negotiable and will be agreed upon by both parties.  Purchase price is at today’s value or lower, depending upon home condition and market trends.


First payment begins on same day as the home becomes occupied.  From that time forward you are guaranteed a monthly mortgage payment.  You are no longer collecting rents that are conditional to vacancy.  You are now the bank collecting monthly loan payments.  You are taxed on interest income rather than rental income. (Talk to you CPA for further clarification on theses difference.)  


Title ownership goes to Trident Investments or an entity of their choosing (e.g., a land trust or another LLC).  Trident will also sign a Quit Claim deed transferring ownership from us back to you if we miss more than 4 consecutive payments.  This quit claim deed will be held by a loan servicing company that we are making payments through.  This protects you from any lengthy or costly foreclosures.  We are willing to be as fair as possible to you in the unlikely event that the home does result in default.  


You can sell the note you have with us to the secondary note market at any time.  We will have the first right of refusal on any said note sell, though.  


All set up of this program will be done through a certified title company or real estate attorney to ensure both parties are protected at all times and that each side interests are best represented.

Platinum Program

Great tax advantages of doing an installment sale.


No landlord headaches!

Our History


Trident Investments has been in the investment industry since January 2002.  We have started working in Las Vegas in January 2004 (while investing in multiple states at that time).


In June 2004 Trident Investments started working on a lease option program to connect investors and buyers with challenged credit .  Many changes have had to occur to be where we are at today.  Through these changes we have learned quite a few things and have initialed many programs and new ideas.


Thus, you are getting involved with a company with quite a few years of experience and is growing into other markets with this concept.

Guaranteed monthly loan repayment.

100% hands off investment on your part.

If we do default you get the home back quicker than a foreclosure takes and it is almost completely free.

Benefits and Advantages to You


You are now the bank without any landlord headaches.


You get the benefit of being completely hands off.  


You get the tax benefits of an installment sale.


You get the home back if we were to default.  Most states require at least 4 to 6 months for a foreclosure to be completed.  We will quit claim the deed back to you after 4 months of missed payments.  This saves you the costs of having to foreclose.  We are entering into the agreement to protect your interests.