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How it Works


This is a Joint Venture agreement.  You and Trident are entering into a real estate contract as equal partners.  You are supplying the funds and we are doing just about everything else.  This could be as much as finding the home (through one of our real estate agents, or at the auction, or buying from a FSBO).  


Trident will find any and all tenants for the home.  We will also provide all of the property management services since we are co-owners of the home.  


All debt service and expenses will be paid out of the monthly rents and/or option payments.  Any remaining proceeds will be split between you and Trident equally.  A monthly report will dictate all distribution of funds.  


If the home goes to sale (e.g., from a lease option tenant exercising their option) then your loan payoff and any down payment you may have experienced will be paid off first.  The remaining funds will cover closing costs and any other fees then the remaining funds are split between both parties equally.  Thus, you get paid back first before any profits are recognized.  


To ensure you are kept up to date on the home quarterly meetings will occur.  Frequency of meetings can be changed depending upon the needs of you and Trident in order to keep everyone abreast of the home.  


If you and Trident are doing multiple ventures then each will be treated separately.  


Setting up a trust or LLC will be used to take ownership of the home.  Then we would be equal owners of this entity.


We will have a bank account set up for each transaction.  We will maintain at least 2 months of rents in this account to cover any incidental costs or to cover loan payments during vacancy periods.  

Gold Program

Investing this as a partnership, so you don’t have to do it alone or guess what is the next best thing to do.


Our History


Trident Investments has been in the investment industry since January 2002.  We have started working in Las Vegas in January 2004 (while investing in multiple states at that time).


In June 2004 Trident Investments started working on a lease option program to connect investors and buyers with challenged credit .  Many changes have had to occur to be where we are at today.  Through these changes we have learned quite a few things and have initialed many programs and new ideas.


Thus, you are getting involved with a company with quite a few years of experience and is growing into other markets with this concept.

We are offering free property management services.  We only get paid as you get paid.

All Marketing Program services are  provided by us.  Any payouts to outside sources are treated as a normal expense.

Benefits and Advantages to You


First, you are getting a partner on the deal and do not have to do this alone.  You can be as hands on or hands off as you like.  


Since we are co-owners we will want to ensure this deal goes as smoothly as possible and to ensure the home is continuously occupied.


Trident can/will take on the daily tasks of ensuring the home stays occupied and keeping the home on budget.


You can be as hands on or hands off as you desire.  Trident will take on all other mundane tasks.