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Investors - FIVE Programs to Choose

Marketing Program


-- Only $300 (free for all other programs)  

• We will take multiple photos of each home (interior and exterior).

• Narrated video tour of the home with introduction and closing remarks plus a credit role.  This can be customized for you or we use our info for marketing of the other programs.  This video will be placed on at least 2 or 3 video hosting sites.

• Creation of a two online advertising campaigns.  A new account may be set up just for you.  This is only for $100 more.

Silver Program – (The Sandwich Lease Program)  


• Once a client is found for the home you and Trident will enter into a 5 year lease option agreement at a set price.  All terms will be set this time for us to buy the home in the future and hopefully resell to the tenant/buyer in the home.

• We put a second contract into place between Trident and the tenant/buyer moving into the home.

• We maintain all management duties of the home.  All calls come into us as we are the landlord in their eyes.

• We will pay up to 2 months of vacancies between any two sets of tenant/buyers.

• A Home Warranty is required and we will pay the first $500 of any repair that occurs at the home.

• We have the right to renew the contract for up to 5 additional years with terms suitable to both parties.

Bronze Program – (The Basic Lease Option Program)  


• Free Marketing Program with our contact information and logo.

• Our most popular service since June 2004.

• No upfront costs to you.

• We will create a flier just for our site to further promote your home.

• Our sales team will market the home and schedule showings of the home.

• We get paid on the Option Payment the tenant/buyer puts down.  This is a 50/50 split between you and us.  Thus, we only get paid by performing.

• Non-exclusive agreements are available if we are to use the MLS.

• After tenant moves in you will in direct contact with them for any and all future payments and issues.

• Use of a mechanical lockbox that will be placed on the home.

Platinum Program – (The Seller Financing Program)  


• You are giving us Seller Financing terms on the home (or having us just take over payments on your current loan).

• Interest rate will be at a reasonable rate for at least 10 years.  We can refinance or sell at any time.

• You will get paid monthly regardless of tenant occupancy.

• This is perfect for those who only want to make a monthly cash flow and never worry about the headaches of being a landlord.

Gold Program – (The Joint Venture Program)  


• In this program we are equal partners.  You are bringing the money to the table while we provide all other management duties to include finding the investment home to purchase, finding the tenant, signing of all contracts, and maintaining the home during tenant occupancy.

• Monthly profits are split evenly after all expenses are paid.

• Sale profits are split evenly after purchase & sale expenses are paid. (including any loans or other liens).

• Quarterly meetings may be required to ensure all parties know the activities of the investment.

Marketing Program  Benefits


All the leg work to is done for you. And all fliers will be with your name and logo.


You will be on multiple web sites for each of your investment homes.  You will have full access to these sites to make changes at your disposal.


Bronze Program  Benefits


We do all of the work on your behalf.  We create a marketing campaign and work diligently to find you a quality tenant/buyer for your investment.


We have a large database of people searching for homes and we do a lot of online marketing to find the best tenant/buyer for your home.

Silver Program  Benefits


This includes all the work that is covered by the Bronze Program except we stay on as managers for the home.


We also stay involved with the tenant/buyer so you do not have to worry about lifting a finger when something comes up.  Anything under $500 in repairs is covered by us.

Gold Program  Benefits


We are equal partners on this one.  You bring in the money to purchase and do just about everything else.  Form possibly finding the home to buy, to tenant (or lease option) placement, to maintaining the daily activities of being a landlord, to the eventual sale of the home.


Each deal is separate and we will have a written Joint Venture agreement on each investment.  (Even with the same investor as each deal can be structured differently.)

Platinum Program  Benefits


You never have to worry about any thing with tenants, vacancy rates, repairs, or anything with the operation of an investment property.  You are simply a bank selling the home and holding the note.  


You get all the benefits of the interest of making a loan.  You could even sell the note on the secondary note market whenever you want to get cashed out.


This is a brief synopsis of each of the 5 programs.  Click on the link for each one to get more details.


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