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How it Works


Once we are in agreement that this is the best program for you, we have fill out a Non-Exclusive Option Agreement.  This document allows us to market your home and that we have some interest in the home as well.


We start off by creating a marketing campaign covered by the Marketing Program..  When we are at the home we can also put on a mechanical lockbox so that all of the sales associates with the local Trident office can access the home for showings.  You can use this too for any contractor work that may need to be done.


Once the marketing campaign has been created we then start the daily work of marketing the home.  We will start CraigsList advertising as well as other forms of advertising.  We will field any and all phone calls, emails, text messages,  that come into our office.


We show the home to potential clients interested in the home for occupancy (lease options mainly in this program, although some people seeking seller financing may occur from time to time).  If we have an exclusive agreement then showings for sale or rent will also be done (as well as placing the home potentially on the MLS).


Once a client is found we will have them fill out all the necessary documentation to rent/buy the home.  Typically this includes a Lease Option Agreement, a Rental Agreement, Rules & Regulations Agreement, an Application (for everyone going onto the contract), and an Assignment Agreement.


They will make the option payment out to Trident Investments Group and the rental portion to you.  Once you sign these agreements and their money has cleared then your will be paid accordingly.  (Rental payments can be given to you once contract is signed, though.)  Our costs are set at half of the option payment that the tenant/buyer is paying.  You will still credit the full amount of their payment, though.


Keys are then given to the occupant.  We will ensure all parties have all the documents which will be via email.  Tenant also receives a paper version and is given this usually at the same time keys are issued.  


At this point in time we are no longer involved.  The Assignment Addendum



Bronze Program

This is the service we have provided since 2004.


Professional flier made for your home that can be linked through our website.

Our History


Trident Investments has been in the investment industry since January 2002.  We have started working in Las Vegas in January 2004 (while investing in multiple states at that time).


In June 2004 Trident Investments started working on a lease option program to connect investors and buyers with challenged credit .  Many changes have had to occur to be where we are at today.  Through these changes we have learned quite a few things and have initialed many programs and new ideas.


Thus, you are getting involved with a company with quite a few years of experience and is growing into other markets with this concept.

We only get paid when we perform.  No direct costs to you.

All Marketing Program services are for free.

Can be non-exclusive.  An exclusive arrangement exist only if you want us to market the home on the MLS or to include both/either selling or renting home.

Benefits and Advantages to You


First, you are getting our years of experience in the investment world of real estate.


Second, we specialize in the lease option or rent-to-own technique.  


Third, some of our sales associates are state certified Realtors and can post listings on the local MLS for sale or for rent.  (This does mean an exclusive contract with us will be required.)


Fourth, we are normally non-exclusive in this program allowing you to use other sources for marketing your home; and either party can cancel at any time without any costs to you.  


Fifth (and finally), you maintain all control of the home after the tenant/buyer takes occupancy.  You are now their landlord and you can opt to manage the home or have a property manager of your choosing take over.